Math is very fun in third grade! In most of my lessons I try to use manipulatives, games, and independent practice to help students learn.

How do we learn math in third grade?

Calendar- Everyday we will do many calendar activities. This is a time to work on a variety of different mathematical skills. We will work on patterning, place value, graphing, money, time, and skip counting during this 10 to 15 minute time frame. Although this is a quick review, it is a wonderful way to work on difficult skills each day. This calendar is challenging at the beginning of the school year; however we go over the problems daily, multiple strategies are discussed/learned, and the paper is not a grade.

Mountain Math – This is a program that Sugar Hill has graciously given to teachers to use to help learn and review concepts in math.  This website spirals the curriculum so skills are always fresh in our minds.  The program has the same types of questions every week and is wonderful to review/ learn third grade skills.

Games – One of my favorite ways to teach children is through the use of games.  Children LOVE to play, so they enjoy math when we are able to use our math skills in a game.  If they are having fun, then the skills are more likely to stick!

Math can be fun and we prove it in third grade!

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