February 19, 2016

Language Arts

We worked on our next project!  We are researching fossils. We finished our projects and they look amazing!  To pick the winners to go to the PBL fair, I had to draw names/projects out of a hat!  It was too hard to choose.  I’m SO proud of the students!!

Read Aloud: Clementine By: Sara Pennypacker


This week we talked about fractions.  We discussed how to add fractions as well as how to put them on a number line.  We continued to practice comparing fractions to one another.  This is a difficult skill so we will continue to review it.  Make sure we know what an equivalent fraction and unit fractions are.

We also talked about geometry.  We have discussed different things through our math calendar, but we are beginning to focus on different shapes and their attributes.  We talked about angles and how to compare angles.  We talked about attributes of quadrilaterals.  Did you know that a square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square?  Ask me if I can explain it to you.

*Please make sure your student is completing their math calendar each night.  We go over the problems everyday.  If your child has not completed it, they are missing out on learning.  They are welcome to do more than one column a night, but make sure they have done at least one column a night.

Notes and News

  • Conferences are February 24th and 25th. I am excited about meeting with you about your child’s progress.  Let me know if you still need a time or if you need to change your time.
  • Please make sure you are checking your child’s agenda every night. This is where we write down our homework and upcoming tests.  I check their agenda each day to see if it is signed.  Encourage your child to be responsible and bring their agenda to you to sign; however, if you do not see it, please ask your child to see it.

   Specials Schedule

 Monday – Discovery

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – No special (early release)

Thursday – Art (early release)

Friday – PE

 *Students must wear athletic shoes on PE days in order to participate.


February 22, 2016- Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

February 24 & 25 – Conferences/ Early Release

March 3, 2016 – PTA Meeting/PBL Fair

March 11, 2016 – Student/Teacher Holiday (Snow Make-up Day #2)

March 18, 2016 – All Pro Dads Breakfast

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