November 6, 2015

Language Arts

We worked on subject and predicate this week.  We reviewed that subject is the who or what of the sentence while the predicate is what the subject is doing.  We learned that a verb (the simple predicate of the sentence) is not always an action verb.  We are going to continue learning about subject and predicate next week and begin learning about verbs.

We also talked about character traits this week in small group.  We watched a video called the Smoke Seller (see course pages to view the video).  It was a silent video but we were able to learn a lot about the main character based on his actions.  We then watched clips from Monster’s Inc. to learn about Mike Wazoski.  We had a very long list of character traits to choose from.

We worked on an opinion writing this week.  We read an article about homeless cats in Florida.  We hear how a community is handling the large population of cats.  We then had to write whether or not we agreed with their practices.  We had to make sure we supported our opinion with evidence from the text.  We are going to continue this skill next week in small groups.

Read Aloud: Runaway Ralph By: Beverly Cleary


This week we talked about division strategies this week.  We learned that many of the same strategies we used for multiplication work for division as well.  We learned how to use groups, arrays, repeated subtraction, fact families, and number lines to solve our problems.  We will continue this skill next week, but please work on multiplication fast facts at home.  You can use games or flash cards to help learn them.   Begin with the easier numbers (friendly numbers) to count by.  For example, practice 2, 5, and 10.  Continue to add in the others as your child masters the ones they are practicing.

We completed another Mountain Math set this week.  These problems are great for practicing skills we have already learned and previewing skills to come.  We will continue to work on one of these a week.

Notes and News

  • Information about Laps for Longhorns is went home a couple weeks ago in Friday Folders.  Please look it over.  This is a great fundraiser for our school.  Our walk is next Friday.  You can still turn in money next week!
  • Please make sure you are checking your child’s agenda every night. This is where we write down our homework and upcoming tests.  I check their agenda each day to see if it is signed.  Encourage your child to be responsible and bring their agenda to you to sign; however, if you do not see it, please ask your child to see it.

   Specials Schedule

 Monday – Math

Tuesday – Art

Wednesday -PE

Thursday – Counselor

Friday -Laps for Longhorns (No Specials)

 *Students must wear athletic shoes on PE days in order to participate.


November 9 – Chick-Fil-A Night

November 13 – Laps for Longhorns

November 23 – 27 – Thanksgiving break

December 10 – PTA Meeting (Chorus Sings)

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