September 25, 2015

Language Arts

We continued to talk about nouns this week.  We reviewed them and talked about noun endings.  We learned how to spell words that have a consonant and then y at the end of the word.  We learned that in that case we have to change the y to i and add es.  We are going to continue this next week and learn what to do it there is a vowel and y.

We also worked on a practice Georgia Milestone reading test.  We got a passage on Monday and Tuesday.  We read through the passages and made a lot of notes.  Then, on Wednesday we took a practice test independently.  the test was timed, but everyone did really well getting it completed in the allotted amount of time.

We have been researching Paul Revere using our own devices as well as laptops in the classroom.  We had a discussion about things we have learned so far.  We decided we were going to research the Revolutionary War, Boston Tea Party, and the Midnight Ride.  We are going to continue this next week, so continue to bring the devices.  :)

Read Aloud: Runaway Ralph By: Beverly Cleary


This week we talked about 2- and 3-digit subtraction.  We used base 10 blocks to help us know when we needed to borrow and when we did not.  A lot of us did really well with the blocks.  They help us visually see what we need to do.  Once we had built a number and borrowed with the blocks, we were able to show this using paper and pencil much easier.  We are going to continue to practice this next week.  I am going to be pulling groups to work on this skill.  Those students who have already mastered this skill will be challenged with more difficult problems or with higher numbers.  Those who need extra practice will work with me next week.

Notes and News

  • Thank you to everyone who attended conferences!  I saw a majority of the class.  I know how difficult it can be to take time off work to come to these meetings, so I appreciate your time.
  • Continue to collect Box Tops. Our class came in 3rd place out of the whole school!  We did awesome!!
  • Our specials calendar is not correct.  I accidentally put a special down for Thursday (early release); however, we did not have a special that day.  I will correct the mistake for the October calendar.
  • Please make sure you are checking your child’s agenda every night. This is where we write down our homework and upcoming tests.  I check their agenda each day to see if it is signed.  Encourage your child to be responsible and bring their agenda to you to sign; however, if you do not see it, please ask your child to see it.

   Specials Schedule

 Monday - Counselor

Tuesday – Computer

Wednesday – Music

Thursday – PE

Friday – Discovery

 *Students must wear athletic shoes on PE days in order to participate.


October 2 – Fall Carnival

October 9 – All Pro Dads Breakfast

October 12 – Student Holiday/ Teacher Work Day

October 26 – Mellow Mushroom Spirit Night

November 6 – All Pro Dads Breakfast

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